Ana Andreeva

            Multidisciplinary designer in Brooklyn, NY.
            Co-founder of Average Type Service, partner at aastudio.
            Client work includes Facebook, Monotype, Herman Miller, McCann.


            Visual identity for Aastudio, a small design firm based in Brooklyn, New York.
            A flexible visual system influenced built around a line as a metaphor for hand-drawn, bespoke design approach. 

☺︎ 2021 ︎ Closer look

Typeface identities

             Branding projects for select typefaces for Monotype.  

☺︎ Ongoing ︎ Closer look
/Identity /Graphic design


            Visual identity for Method, a restaurant, bar, and music venue based in Moscow.
            A flexible visual system influenced by Russian constructivist concepts. 

☺︎ 2021 ︎ Closer look

Celebration Union

             Identity for Celebration Union, an event design studio based in New York.
            The visual language is built on research into weddings and family-centered events, and the brand system represents the studio’s warm yet sophisticated approach to celebration.

☺︎ 2021 ︎ Closer look


             A branding system and website design for A-book, an audiobook tool for books in art and design.
            With a focus on website design, ux and functionality, we developed a tool that is both visual and practical.  

☺︎ 2021
/Identity /Web design