Ana Andreeva

            Brand identity design, creative direction, typography. NYC based.
            Partner at aastudio and AADK. Select clients: Google, Facebook, Monotype, Intel, American Express, Disney, Herman Miller, McCann, Havas.
            Industries span tech, healthcare, beauty, finance, real estate, advertizing.


            Visual identity for Method, a restaurant, bar, and music venue based in Moscow.
            A flexible visual system influenced by Russian constructivist concepts. 

☺︎ 2021 ︎ Closer look


             Identity for Mission, a restaurant and event space based in Moscow.
            A visual system that conveys the concept of casual dining and plays on the physical space of the restaurant.  

☺︎ 2018


            Visual identity for Aastudio, a small design firm based in Brooklyn, New York.
            A flexible visual system influenced built around a line as a metaphor for hand-drawn, bespoke design approach. 

☺︎ 2021 ︎ Closer look

Celebration Union

             Identity for Celebration Union, an event design studio based in New York.
            The visual language is built on research into weddings and family-centered events, and the brand system represents the studio’s warm yet sophisticated approach to celebration.

☺︎ 2021 ︎ Closer look